“And I know, that people change
And we go through different stages in life
And I’m not here to criticize
But the reason I scream, is a feeling inside”


3 martie 2020- ultimul show TBA si lansarea celui de al 3-lea EP al lor. Fun night, multa lume cunoscuta. 50% reducere la bar dupa ora 22, glumite si mici inside-uri, speach-ul lui André (jos palaria) si muzica care pe mine m-a marcat in anumite momente din viata.

Cele 2 poze sunt de la primul meu concert TBA din anul 2017:

“Here I am, up on this stage All prepared to spill my fucking guts!”

“I don’t want my mouth to be shut no more I wanna sing and shout and change the world”

“I see the pictures of the life I wanted to live”

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